Our Group Adventure Experiences are customized for corporate groups to foster teamwork, healthy lifestyles, leadership opportunities, fun and challenge!  Our professional staff has over 50 years of combined experience working with diverse groups of 2 to 60 participants from corporate, government, education and non-profit sectors from around the region and around the world.  PEO's Group Adventure Experiences are an important part of our mission to inspire people and animal power exploration of the outdoors, and have benefited numerous companies and their employees with:


TEAM BUILDING: Creating increased opportunities to connect cooperatively with peers, family and the community through interesting and challenging activities that set high expectations for participants.


ACCESS: Providing unique adventure activities for all ages, fitness and skill levels, with a special emphasis on providing a positive, supportive learning environment for those with no prior outdoor experience.


EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING: Offering meaningful participation in activities through a participatory learning approach that promotes interpersonal skills: team work, problem solving, supportive communication and positive risk taking among participants.


LEADERSHIP/VOLUNTEER DEVELOPMENT: Offering leadership opportunities through participation in service projects and community events.



Your participation matters!  Additionally, a portion of revenues generated by Group Adventure Experiences provides crucial support for our Youth Education Programs, which serve more than 500 low-moderate income children each year.


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